Adventurous througout

Meet M/Y Aqua! A comfortable and adventurous naturalist and liveaboard cruise! Enjoy your incredible journey in the majestic islands and relax onboard this cozy cruise after every adventure.

Our cozy accommodation

M/Y Aqua offers eight cabins: the main deck and upper deck cabins have picture windows that can be opened. The lower deck cabins have portholes only.

They also include clean private facilities, hot/cold water, low beds, air-conditioning, and storage space for a comfortable stay.

Spacious social areas

M/Y Aqua has cozy social areas that will complement a comfortable and adventurous stay. Shared with a total of just 16 guests; the library, shaded outside lounge, solarium and dining areas are great choices for you to relax and enjoy the nature that surrounds you.


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Greater safety on-board

Here at Galapagos, we pride ourselves on our diving safety record, That is why all our staff has been trained in primary first aid and secondary care, and no expense has been spared in relevant safety departments. We have a fully stocked first aid kit on board, as well as emergency oxygen, and a Trauma Kit.


Every effort has been made to attain high-security standards, in the bridge we have an EPIRB emergency locator, Marine Rescue GPS to locate our divers, long-range radio phone (for use in emergencies only), FM and SW Radio, 4 VHF and SSB radio. There are also fire detectors throughout the boat and a large number of fire extinguishers, all of our staff are trained by a fire control specialist in the unlikely event of an outbreak. There is also an adequate number of personal flotation devices and lifebuoys.

Safety Features




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